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Thumbnail: "With Apologies to Renoir . . ."

"With Apologies to Renoir . . ."

This is a partial study of Renoir's "The Bather" and "The Woman in White". In each case, Renoir used the same model. Rough translation of her afterthought: "My God! I've my mother's thighs. Oh well, what can you do . . " My apologies to the master. 27"W × 32"H, acrylic. Price: $2,500

Thumbnail: Sleepwalker Awakes

Sleepwalker Awakes

Another of the retro pin-up series to be configured in a larger scale montage. 4"W × 6"H, graphite. Price: $25

Thumbnail: The Five Graces

The Five Graces

. . . and you thought there were only three! This is a draft layout for a larger acrylic. It's a work in progress and not for sale. 8"W × 10"H, graphite. Price: $25

Thumbnail: P-38 Nose Art

P-38 Nose Art

From an ongoing series. 11"W × 14"H, graphite. Price: $25

Thumbnail: Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

5x7 Marker on paper 5"W × 7"H, graphite. Price: $25

Thumbnail: Mother and Child

Mother and Child

This is part of a series. I've a 3'x4' acrylic in the works . . . 8"W × 10"H, graphite. Price: $25

Thumbnail: "Peekaboo Baby"

"Peekaboo Baby"

Another in the series: Mother and Child, Babies. 8"W × 10"H, graphite. Price: $25